How it Works

Summarily, you declare the willingness to Provide Help by making a pledge. The Help provided will start growing from the moment you make the pledge (at the rate of 50% in 7days). Within 5 days of making your pledge you will be paired to make donation directly to a participant (or participants) whose details are given to you. These details includes; recipient’s name, recipient’s bank account details and recipient’s contact detail. After making the said payment to the recipient, then you indicate that the payment has been made by uploading your proof of payment (POP).

Upon receiving the said amount, the recipient indicates that the donation has been received. Within the next 7days from your PH date, your maturity time is completed and you are due to receive payment of your initial investment and incentive (50%) after recommitting atleast 100% of your matured investment within the 11th and 12th day. E.g. you have announced willingness to assist with ₦5,000, the yield amount will immediately start growing! 7days later, this ₦5,000 will become ₦7,500, but you will have to provide another help of atleast ₦5,000 again within the 8th and 9th day before you can receive your matured investment (₦7,500), this is to keep the platform strong and healthy.

That is how it works.